Log for August 8, 2015

This morning on the Asteria we travelled SE of Boston in search of whales. We were underway and only about 20 miles from the Aquarium before we spotted our first whales! We found a pair of humpback whales named Sprinkler and Sirius. 

These two were slowly traveling towards the northeast. At one point, the whales were traveling towards us and they disappeared just out of view below the surface. Before we knew it, one of the whales was directly next to the starboard bow! Everyone on the railing was soaked with whale breath, but still had smiling faces! We decided to continue on towards the bank and the trip paid off! 

Once we got there a whale breached right next to us! Our last looks were of a group of 7 whales including Bayou, Cajun, Cajun's 2015 Calf, Perseid, Jabiru, Jabiru's 2015 Calf and Pele! It was an awesome trip!!

On the sunset whale watch on the Cetacea we headed to the SW corner. There were many scattered whales, but we zeroed in on one humpback who was kick-feeding! A-plus would blow a big bubble cloud, and then come up with a few kicks before fluking and then surfaced with expanded ventral pleats. At one point, A-plus blew a bubble cloud right between the pulpits and gave everyone on the bow an unforgettable look! Later on we caught up with Sprinkler who had travelled pretty far from where we spotted this whale earlier this morning. Sprinkler was continuously flipper slapping, tail slapping and even breached once! It was a beautiful day with an amazing sunset to top it all off.

— Annie Goodenough

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