Log for August 24, 2015

We had a very diverse morning on the Cetacea with Captain Bill! We started our trip with a lone juvenile humpback whale who was taking 5-6 minute dives. We got close looks at this whale as it slowly travelled just below the surface right next to our boat! We saw plenty of birds out here today including Wilson’s storm petrels, Great shearwaters and some dive-bombing Northern Gannets! 

We moved on after a bit and started watching a group of four humpbacks. Cajun, Jabiru and their calves were active in the area today. We enjoyed watching both calves rolling, flipper-slapping and tail slapping. Out of nowhere, Cajun, a huge mother humpback, breached! It only happened once, but it was a fantastic grand finale for our whale watch. 

I always like to say that the whale watch is never truly over until you have both feet back on land, and today this saying rang true. On our way back, Josh (the awesome deckhand) as well as another passenger spotted dolphins! We spent some extra time out on the water today and enjoyed the sight of common dolphins which are really not all that common! 

Passengers were excited to spot these playful dolphins between our pulpits and all around the bow! I was just as giddy as the passengers were with this sight because we really don’t get to see dolphins much! 

To wrap it all up, we decided to take a few more minutes to check out a mola mola that was found by our friends on the Asteria!

It was a great day with some really unique sightings! I’m glad our camera was equipped with a polarized filter today!

— Annie

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