Log for August 3, 2015

Yesterday on board the Sanctuary for our 10am whale watch, Captain Adam and his trusty crew lead us to the Southwest Corner of Stellwagen Bank. Once there we spotted blows everywhere! First, we stopped with a lone logging humpback named Music. Then we stopped with another humpback who quickly dove, so we moved on. 

We then approached an area where there were a few other boats. First we observed Pepper and calf traveling with Othello/Slugger. Next we moved ½ mile north to whale chaos. There were 12-15 humpbacks in the area, most likely doing some subsurface feeding. We were able to ID Cajun and Calf, Hancock and calf, A-Plus, Canopy, and Tear.

On our 2pm trip, the wind picked up a lot as we returned to the southwest corner of the bank. We were immediately drawn to two surface active humpbacks. It was Jabiru and her 2015 calf. These two treated passengers to synchronized pec slapping and breaching! It was phenomenal. See attached photos of them going for a high five, as well as a few of the many breaches we saw. After a little while their behavior changed so we moved on to see what else we could watch. 

We stopped with Snare, who breached 3-4 times and then dove. We then moved to another area where there about 9-10 whales moving quickly and also being surface active. It was Tear, Cajun and calf, Hancock and calf, Pele, Sundown, Canopy, and Crisscross. 

We even witnessed multiple DOUBLE breaches! Experienced and first time whale watchers on board were thoroughly impressed with the amount activity that we saw.

— Hannah

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