Log for August 7, 2015

Today on board the Sanctuary for our 10am whale watch, Captain Dave took us to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. Once there we found 12-15 scattered humpbacks. First we stopped with Sprinkler, who was doing some fluking dives. 

Next we observed Pepper and her 2015 calf. This duo started to do some nursing so we decided to give them their space and moved about ½ a mile away to watch 6-8 other humpbacks. We were able to ID Cajun, Cajun 2015 calf, Canopy, Bayou and Perseid. These whale were splitting and joining with one another, making it a tricky day for data collection. They were swimming quickly too, maybe indicating they were chasing behind some schools of prey.

For our 2pm trip, we returned to the Southwest corner to again find 12-15 scattered humpbacks. We started, and spent the majority of the trip, with 2 groups of 4 humpbacks that were alternating times at the surface. First we would watch Pele, Canopy, Jabiru, and Jabiru’s 2015 Calf, and then Bayou, Perseid, Cajun, and Cajun’s 2015 Calf. The calves even treated us to some surface activity as we waited for the adults to resurface. 

Jabiru’s calf stole the show with lots of rolling, pec slapping, tail slapping, and even a breach or two. There were a lot of boats in the area so we decided moved a little bit west to find Sprinkler traveling alone, and Twine and Sirius traveling together. 

Sirius is a new sighting for us this season. Great to know there are some new arrivals to the bank. See attached photo of his fluke.

—Hannah Pittore

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