Log for August 11, 2015

This morning on the Cetacea, Captain Jimmy and co. weathered the wind-blown seas towards the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. With the seas beginning to build the further out we went, we were lucky enough to come across Jabiru and her calf 5 miles before even approaching the bank. 

This playful juvenile was rolling through and riding along the waves as mom dove to depths. Captain Jim noticed that the fish-finder showed huge shoals of fish along the ocean floor beneath us. Jabiru was likely pursuing her breakfast while the calf waited impatiently at the surface, flipper slapping and spy hopping. 

As the two slowly made their way northeast, a Cory’s and great shearwater lazily followed behind, joining the duo each time they surfaced. Perhaps they were using these whales as an indicator of where to find food. We had a glorious time watching the learning calf and lackadaisical shearwaters while also riding the waves.

We were one of the only boats to actually make it out to see whales today! What a lucky bunch! Hopefully in the coming days, the wind will die down and the seas will calm!

— Tasia

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