Whale Watch Log: May 31, 2016

This afternoon on board the Cetacea with Captain Jimmy, we set out for the bank with high hopes of finding whale activity. We kept our eyes glued to the horizon and were excited to spot the blow of a finback whale! We got our first nearby looks at this whale and then suddenly another finback whale popped up on the other side of the boat! 

After this, we played a strong game of whale ping-pong, cruising between sightings of the two finbacks in the area. This was a little tricky because the seas were building, and the whales were popping up very unpredictably. Luckily, our passengers pointed enthusiastic whenever they spotted a blow in the distance, which made it easier for us to keep track of the whales whereabouts. We noticed on our fish finder that the area was dense with fish within the first 40 feet of water, and possibly some larger fish lingering even deeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if the finwhales in the area were catching plenty of fish!

Finback whale side swim by

Our time was winding down and we were hoping to get one last look when all of a sudden one of the finbacks popped up right in front of the boat. Ordinarily, a whale popping up in front of the boat would be exciting on its own, but this look was even more amazing because the whale had lunged on its side! We almost never get to see the tail of a finback whale, but today we saw half of the fluke as the whale lingered on its side. We were in the right place at the right time to get another amazing look at the same behavior along our starboard side. This time the whale’s white belly was facing us for this rare and exciting sight! 

Another close look

The last 2 minutes of this whale watch had not only some of my personal best sightings of the season so far, but also the best sightings I’ve ever had of a finback whale!

Today was awesome!

— Annie Goodenough

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