May 1, 2016

We had an unbelievable day of whale watching aboard the Sanctuary today! Our sightings started off strong as we approached the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank where we found a handful of humpback whales kickfeeding and bubble netting! 

Swimmer and Whirlygig

We first spent time with Swimmer and Whirlygig who appeared to be working well together with synchronized dives and surface lunges! 

Swimmer and Whirlygig

We then moved on to Shuffleboard and Gladiator. Gladiator stayed by Shuffleboard’s side as she exhibited her signature kick move, and together they lunged through the surface of the water with each bubble net. While these two separate groups fed, a fifth unknown whale with a beautiful, white fluke swam through briefly but continued moving along. 

Lunge feeding

Captain Earl made sure passengers had the chance to see all the whales in the area! We were lucky to finish off our trip with a quick look of Tornado accompanied by her 2016 calf before heading back to Boston.

Sundown's head

This afternoon, we observed many of the morning’s whales but spent the most of our time with Sundown who stole the show! Per usual, Sundown was kickfeeding on her own with dramatic and floppy tail kicks. 

Sundown kickfeeding

The sand lance must have been hiding beneath the boat, because she kept placing her bubble nets right up against the hull of our catamaran giving guests a start with every surfacing! We also spotted our T1 from the morning, who was displaying surging surface lunges with every bubble net it formed, as well as a familiar humpback named Blackbird! Finally, we encountered two enormous fin whales who cruised through the feeding ground on separate occasions this afternoon. Overall, we had another fantastic Sunday with Captain Earl on Stellwagen Bank!

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