Whale Watch Log: May 23, 2016

The ocean today was glass calm with rolling swells and great visibility. Under such favorable conditions, we were able to spot two separate minke whales where yesterday’s finners were spotted. These minkes spent a few minutes reoxygenating at the surface between approximately four minute dives which offered us plenty of time to observe them. One of these minkes was rather unusual looking and had, what could only be described as, an underbite (see photo).

Minke whale

What was remarkable today was the unusually close and clear looks at both of these whales. Minke whales are known to be somewhat erratic and unpredictable with their movements, so it was great to be able to spend the time observing this interesting individual. With their quick movements, it is easy to pass them by on our trips without closely noticing differences between them, as slight or as obvious as they may be. 

Deep breathing

Hopefully this whale will remain in the area throughout the season and allow for more observation.

— Tasia and Laura

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