Whale Watch Log: May 20, 2016

This afternoon on board the Sanctuary with Captain Dave we were fortunate to find whales close to home pretty far west of the bank. We were lucky to spend plenty of time with a finback whale who was taking short dives and spending a good amount of time at the surface.

Note the chevron pattern on the back

The water was calm so we could very easily see the whale’s footprints as it made semi-circles beneath the surface, perhaps corralling fish! 

We happened upon a large minke whale about halfway through the trip, and were even able to see this whales minke mittens on its pectoral flippers at it swam along our starboard side! In true minke form, this whale disappeared for the rest of the trip. Regardless we enjoyed sightings of the finbacks in the area! There was a second finback who was quite a bit larger who was taking longer more sporadic dives. 

On the way home we spotted a harbor seal! All in all it was a beautiful day on the water.

— Annie & Laura

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