Log for September 7, 2015

Today on this summery day we headed out on the Cetacea with Captain Billy to Stellwagen Bank. We started our search close to where the Cetacea had left whales yesterday. We were soon able to spot a couple of spouts south of us and soon came across Twinkle and Komodo. These two whales were fluking and travelling around and were often joined by one of our unknown juveniles from this season. 

All three periodically came close to the boat and surprised us completely by surfacing with two completely different whales right off of our bow! Perhaps these two extra whales were the other pair in the area, Lutris and another unknown (this one with a T1/all white fluke) but we’re not sure! After spending most of our trip with these whales we made our way to another whale in the area who started to breach! 

We got a couple of looks at this whale before it took a dive and left us. On our way back in we were able to catch a glimpse of Air Force One stationed at Logan Airport while President Obama was in Boston!

On our 1pm trip we were joined by Annie G and again headed out to the bank. As we approached the Asteria was just finishing up their trip with Music, a familiar whale from this season. Music was flipper slapping and spent a couple of minutes doing so before becoming less active and hanging at the surface. Annie G had spotted another couple of spouts in the area so we decided to see what would happen if we made our way over there. At one point, we our unknown juvenile from earlier breaching off the starboard side and Komodo and our unknown T1 on the port side! The unknown juvenile continued to breach and flipper slap for the rest of trip which, of course, was exciting for passengers but also exciting for us! It was soon time for us to leave the bank but it was a great trip!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!

—Annie W and Annie G

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