Log for September 18, 2015

It was a beautiful day this afternoon on the Sanctuary with Captain James. We headed out to the SW corner in nice and calm sea conditions. As we approached the bank, we spotted a humpback whale! 


This juvenile whale stayed up for just a moment before ducking below the surface on a dive. We decided to continue forward and were excited to spot about nine whales scattered around the area. We spent time with a whale named Infinity who treated us to some beautiful looks at the underside of its unique tail with an infinity sight on the right side! This whale was possibly feeding sub-surface today. 

We noticed a variety of birds including many terns, shearwaters and gannets all feeding on fish at the surface! We also spent some time with a massive ocean sunfish between sightings of humpback whales. This Mola mola must have been in sunfish-heaven today because there were thousands of salps scattered at the surface for this funny fish to munch! 

We wrapped up our whale watch with two more humpbacks, Nile and Pitcher who were traveling with a third whale who split off before we could get a good look.

It was an absolutely gorgeous September afternoon!

— Annie

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