Log for September 1, 2015

Today on the Asteria we had a great day offshore!


We arrived near the SW corner of Stellwagen today, first finding two unknown humpbacks (one of which is an unknown of ours of the season). At first this pair was breaching and flipper slapping in the distance, but then the pair began to slow down and rest, and parted ways.

Bubble feeding

Captain Joe decided to head further to SE, and we ended up finding a scattered frenzy of humpbacks and minke whales. We decided to watch a whale that turned out to be Convict – and this whale gave us quite a show! Convict exhibited some excellent displays of kickfeeding, following by some bubble net blasts (see photo). 

It was interesting to see Convict’s unique feeding techniques - this whale would swim upside down right under the water, which we could clearly observe with the sea conditions today. We also spotted a large school of sandlance next to our boat – probably trying to escape from Convict! Another fabulous day on the water.

I also wanted to give a shout out to one of our crew members Peter doCouto who is leaving us for the Coast Guard this month. We will all miss him here at BHC! 

Like the whales, many of our crew and staff migrate in the fall from our boats to head back to school and new ventures. They definitely deserve a thank you for all their hard work!

— Laura

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