Log for September 20, 2015

We had a breachtastic whale watch aboard the Sanctuary on Sunday! After a couple brief humpback sightings on the western side of the bank, we hit the jackpot with Abrasion, her calf and Moonlight. 

Abrasion breach

Just as we were arriving, each of these three whales breached in sequence, the calf first, followed by mom, then Moonlight. Like many of the humpbacks in the area, these whales were exhibiting a range of percussive behaviors. 

Abrasion's calf's breach

The calf spent most of the time doing full breaches high up out of the water while Moonlight slapped her pectoral fins and mom chin slapped, breached and milled about. 

Abrasion and calf double breach

The trio’s activity eventually slowed down as they began traveling north.

Abrasion calf spyhop

We then moved on to Fulcrum, her calf and Ember as they appeared to slowly travel. We noticed, however, a handful of whales in the distance repeatedly breaching and eventually chose to move west towards Boston to breaching duo that turned out to be Jabiru and her calf! 

Jabiru's calf breaching

Both mom and calf breached over and over, mom transitioning in and out of flipper slapping. We were reluctant to leave the duo so Captain Dave let us stay for 3 full extra minutes which was just enough time to get another breach from both Jabiru and calf.

It was definitely a special day for everyone on board the Sanctuary!

— Tasia

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