2013 Sightings | August 27

We started out heading south and worked our way down the western edge. We found two ocean sunfish, or Mola mola, within a couple miles of one another. The second sunfish was actually moving around and looking at passengers. After observing it for several minutes, the Mola mola breached!

Photo: Doug DellaPorta, Cetacea crew member

Photo: Doug DellaPorta, Cetacea crew member

On another trip we headed north where we were able to spot a large school of bluefin tuna chasing after small bait fish, which we observed for a few minutes. Unfortunately, we encountered some fog and bad luck during some trips today and there were no whales to be found. Since all passengers are guaranteed to see whales, they were issued rain checks to return again another day to try to spot whales.

You'll find Mola mola all over the Aquarium's blogs, and beyond!

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