2013 Sightings | August 11

We found lots of activity toward the south of the bank today. First, we spent some time with Pinball. She was doing 3 minute dives. We saw evidence of some bubble feeding and even witnessed a little kick-feeding. She was fluking with every dive as well.

Nile's full body breach

Next we moved ahead to some blows we saw in the distance. We found a finback, but as soon as we stopped the boat, it took a dive and was gone for a while. So we moved ahead to another blow and found Nile. As soon as we reached her, she surprised us with 5 consecutive breaches!!! First a tail breach, then a full body breach, then 3 head breaches! It was amazing!
Nile head breach

Our boats also located two fin whales and two humpback whales during another trip this morning. We got some close looks at our newcomer, Scylla, a female born in 1981 to Istar. Scylla was doing some great bubble feeding and was travelling pretty fast. 


The fin whales were hanging around and while we didn’t get many close looks, we got to see the enormous clouds these animals create when they come up to breathe, nearly 15-20 feet into the air. The water was very calm, which made it easy to spot all the activity.
Gulls fly low over the water

Later this evening we headed south again. We started our trip with two elusive finback whales. Just as we got close enough to view them, they ducked below the surface. So then we moved on to a spot where there were reports of Nile and Pinball. We found them just in the distance, and it looked like they were logging or resting. 

Nile flipper slapping alongside Pinball

After viewing these two humpbacks at the surface for a little while, they awoke and started some surface activity. Nile was showing off with some flipper slapping while Pinball treated us to some kicks. It was great it see this surface activity with a gorgeous sunset backdrop.


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