2013 Sightings | August 16

Fantastic day of BREACHING! We headed out towards Stellwagen this morning and first found a solitary humpback taking a long dive. We then saw some splashing in the distance, so we headed over to watch Mogul repeatedly flipper breaching (half breaches) and flipper slapping. 


It’s always a treat when we see a breach, but when we have days of predictable repeated breaches, it’s a 1 out of 100 trip day! Mogul would fluke and then breach, over and over. He then would alternate with flipper slapping. We even got a huge breach right next to us. In total we must of seen about 15 to 20 breaches. After all of this activity, he began to deep feed, and we left Mogul to head home.

Great day! Here are some more pictures of Mogul's acrobatics.

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1 comment:

  1. Mogul seems so playful! Looks like he loves the attention :)
    We had some of this kind of fun on some of our whale watching tours this summer here in Reykjavík, Iceland ;)