2013 Sightings | August 18

In the middle of the bank, we found Mogul flipper slapping in the distance. As we got closer Mogul began to deep feeding with short dives, and then right before we began to head home, he surprised us again with his flipper slapping (some of it belly-up) and a few breaches! He also did two lob-tail breaches across our bow. 

Mogul acrobatics


Nile snapping as she lunges at the surface

That evening, we headed back to the same area, but this time found Nile and Pinball feeding in the same area, but not associated. Pinball approached us closely once, and then began to move out of the area, so we stayed with Nile. Nile was first observed subsurface bubble feeding – but the prey must have moved up to the surface a bit more because she then began doing a few high filters/vertical lunges near the end our trip! 

Our sunset was pretty overcast, but the sky ended up turning out
very nicely as we headed home.

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