Log for June 25, 2015

The conditions on Stellwagen Bank could not be beat with light winds, catspaw seas, and plenty of sunshine. We started the day with Nile and Pitcher who looked to be doing some subsurface feeding. 

While the whales were feeding deep there were quite a few gulls “attending” the whales and swooping whenever they surfaced. I even spotted a few taking off with fish in their beaks. Despite my best efforts I wasn’t able to get a photo of this, though if you look closely at my photo of the gull, you might pick out a fish’s tail sticking out of its mouth. 

The bright sun and calm waters meant we had awesome views of the humpbacks’ long bright white pectoral fins which glow green in our plankton laden waters. We decided to go exploring after a bit and continued even farther east and found a scattering of blows around us. As we admired a curious grey seal, a humpback surface close by and I was able to identify a younger animal, our un-named #27. 

This is a very small whale, especially after seeing big Nile but we got some excellent looks at this whale but it ended up taking very long dives and travelling long distances on each surfacing. We got a few looks plus a second grey seal sightings and headed back to Boston. It was an excellent day on the water for all.

— Tegan

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