Log for July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

We had an absolutely spectacular day for both trips on the Aurora with our phenomenal Captain Earl! His dedication to providing spectacular whale watches to our passengers definitely showed today and we even had an engagement on our first trip. She said yes!!  

We traveled to the southeast corner of Stellwagen near Provincetown. On our ride down we passed a traveling pair of minke whales, which is something we do not see every day. We then found Unknown #16 and Unknown #29 traveling, but then split soon after we got onto whales. After a few surfacings from these two singles we saw repetitive breaching about 2-3 miles away.  

Once we arrived to that location we were happy to see Spoon and her calf!  The calf was initially flipper slapping and then settled down to milling near Spoon.  We did also see a minke nearby actually feeding and pulling its head right out of the water.

Our second trip was simply exhilarating! We headed to the same area and found Unknown #18 and a second humpback a little less than ¼ mile away. We watched stationed in between these two humpback for a few surfacings and then headed slightly north to find Spoon and her calf. Once we arrived the calf completed a full spinning head breach and then started playing and became very active. The calf was conducting tail breaches, flipper slaps, rolling at the surface, tail slashes, trumpet blows and seemed very curious with our presence!  

The water was so calm passengers were able to see straight into the water and could see the whole calf next to Spoon. We could even see an eye!  Passengers became proficient at seeing their neon green patches, or large white flippers, slowly rising to the surface and were so excited to call them out!  Spoon even joined in for some flipper slapping, trumpet blows, and even did a tail breach of her own!  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out on the water with an exciting mother/calf pair, a beautiful sunset, and a successful marriage proposal!  

Thank you Earl for making this a 4th of July to remember! Enjoy the fireworks!!

— Laura C

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