Log for June 7, 2015

Today on board the Asteria for the 10am whale watch, we headed to the southwest corner to look for whales. First we spent some time with a fin whale that was doing some short dives of about 5 minutes. Next we moved further south to find 10-12 scattered humpbacks, 3 minkes, and 2 more fin whales. 

Big gulp

Passengers were treated to lunge feeding and lots of fluke up dives by multiple humpbacks. For the majority of our trip, we were amazed to observe thousands of sandlance from the surface of the water. It seemed as if the water was glittering and bubbling from all the fish. 

So many sand lance!

On the 2pm trip, we returned to the southwest corner and found the activity level from the morning had slowed down. We found 6-8 scattered humpbacks in the area, as well as a mom/calf fin whale pair. We spent time with Mostaza 2014 Calf who was doing a bit of logging. We also spent some time with a few more humpbacks that are part of our Unknowns catalog (that haven’t been named yet). 


Curious gray seal.

See attached photos of a herring gull with a fresh caught sandlance and a grey seal that was watching us.

— Hannah and Cassie

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