2013 Sightings | July 7

We had an unexpected passenger join us on board while out on the bank—a brown booby! It landed up on the third deck near the catwalk and stayed on the third deck for the remainder of our trip back to Boston.

Brown booby

Passengers loved getting a close look at this unusual guest. The Environmental Police ended up coming to check up on this unusual visitor as it did not leave the boat overnight. But the bird had flown and hopefully it's migrating back to its more tropical location. It’s quite rare to see one of these on the New England coast! [Aquarium researchers spotted a brown booby in Belize, in fact! There are also sightings of other booby species among all the seabirds on the PIPA Blog.]

Our unexpected visitor resting on deck 

Another shot of our brown booby visitor

With all the hot weather during the long holiday weekend, we've had to share the whales with other whale watchers this weekend. But fortunately, we have been treated to some great looks at Nile doing her typical routine of short dives these past couple days.

A special treat was catching up with her during one recent evening trip, where flat calm waters made it easy to see her and her exhalation.

Nile’s perfectly shaped spout and a lingering ‘footprint’ behind her

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