2013 Sightings | July 16

Today we spotted a few minke whales darting through the water in the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. Finally we found a humpback whale and it turned out to be out old friend Nile! She was deep feeding taking moderate length dives. Passengers got some amazing looks as she came up to breathe. In particular the conditions were perfect to see her huge white pectoral fins glowing green under the water. We also got a very close look at a grey seal.

Grey seal

During another trip today, we headed to the southwest corner of Stellwagen after hearing some reports of whale activity. We found a finback and we were able to observe the whale deep feeding.

Aurora passengers observe a finback whale

A deep-feeding finback whale prepares to dive

The calm seas and sunny weather made it a great day for good pictures and a comfortable ride. We even had a woman on board who said it was her dream to see a whale and was ecstatic to get to see Nile.

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