2013 Sightings | July 29

This morning we headed out to the northwest corner of Stellwagen to find THICK fog. However, we looked diligently in the area we had been seeing whales recently and first spotted at small school of bluefin tuna; some breached near the boat! The seas were calm so we were able to see smaller species quite well, including a blue shark next to the boat! This built up the excitement among passengers, despite the limited visibility.  

Fulcrum and her calf

We heard from another boat of a humpback in the area, and we found Fulcrum traveling with another, much smaller whale. After getting some nice looks at the mother/calf pair, we moved on to see Nile who was also in the area!  On the way to Nile, a minke whale popped up right next to the port side stern.  

Fulcrum is a female born in 1997 to Chimney. Fulcrum’s dorsal was seriously injured years ago by a small boat propeller. While we know her for the scaring on her dorsal fin, she actually has a very beautiful fluke pattern as well. 

Fulcrum and her calf

Based on the size difference, we surmised the other whale traveling with Fulcrum must be her calf! A very great look at a mother calf pair out on the bank. This would be the third calf for Fulcrum that we know about. We then left the pair and had a look at Nile who was doing some bubble feeding in the area as well. Passengers got great looks at all three whales and we even spotted a minke whale in the distance as well.

Fulcrum's calf

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