2013 Sightings: June 3, 10 am and 2 pm

This morning on the Cetacea’s 10 am whale watch, we headed to the north end of Stellwagen bank to find a couple quick glimpses of humpbacks. Visibility was very limited by the fog, and we lost what looked like a group two or three whales. We kept looking and found the humpback whale known as Diablo traveling solo and deep feeding near the boat. Diablo has been seen several times recently; she is a female with a very dark tail and some light scarring near hear right dorsal. She surprised us all with a full breach right in front of the boat—it shocked the passengers and proved that you can still have a great show in all kinds of weather. We also had one minke whale pop up in front of the bow.

Sedge on a terminal dive

On the 2 pm whale watch on the Cetacea, we headed to the NE corner of Stellwagen bank, after looking at the location of our first trip’s sightings and discussing with the 12 pm whale watch.  The fog was gone by then, with a haze on the horizon and seas were calm. We looked for a while on the northeast corner and found nothing so we headed west to find Sedge the humpback whale deep feeding and giving the boat great looks! We also saw Sedge on the 2 pm trip yesterday, but he was closer to Thatcher’s Island. This male humpback was also seen on the noon whale watch on BHC’s Aurora today.  Folks got great close-to-boat looks at Sedge’s dorsal and fluke.

Overall, a foggy rainy Monday turned out very well.

-- Christine

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