2013 Sightings: June 1, 12pm and 5:30pm

Today we headed to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. During the 12 pm trip on the Aurora we found two humpback whales, Boomerang and Mogul. Mogul was born in 1986 to Parrot and is a male. Boomerang was first seen in 1985.

Calf alongside boat

On our 5:30 pm whale watch we went back to the same location in the hopes of finding Boomerang and Mogul, but instead we found a mom and calf pair. I did not get a fluke of our mom, but I have attached a picture of her dorsal fin which I will use to identify her. The mom and calf pair circled our boat, surfacing only feet from us on all different sides. This was a great sign that our calf was showing curiosity as it explored the new world that it is now a part of. Overall, it was a great day out on the water with lots of great looks!


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