2013 Sightings: June 29, 12 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Today at 12:00pm on the Aurora we headed up to our spot on the southern tip of Jeffrey’s Ledge. We searched for a while and were worried we may not find anything until Pinball and Satula popped up. We spent some time with Pinball who was only staying down for 3-5 minutes. She gave us amazing looks at her tail, and when we were headed off Pinball to check out Satula, she breached! We headed back to her, but she unfortunately did not continue this behavior. She still gave us great looks before we again headed to check out Satula. Overall, it was a great trip with two different whales that stole the show, as usual.

Pinball’s fluke as water poured off of it

Today at 5:30pm on the Aurora we headed back up to the southern tip of Jeffrey’s Ledge. Again, it took us a while to find the whales, but eventually we spotted Pinball. She came real close to our boat as she surfed through the 5 foot seas. At one point, she even rolled onto her side, showing us her pectoral flipper, and she flicked her tail when she took several dives. Overall, we saw some pretty cool behaviors other than the typical breathing and fluking. After some great looks, we headed into the sunset, back to Boston.


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