Whale Watch Log: June 20, 2016

This morning on board the Asteria with Captain Deb we headed out to the eastern edge and were once again pleasantly BAFFLED by the quantity of feeding humpback whales in the area! 

Flipper slapping
Once we arrived in the area, there were blows every which way and we had our pick of plenty of singles, duos and small groups of humpback whales. It was tricky for myself on the clipboard committee today to keep track of each and every sighting. Focusing on just one group of whales at a time was almost impossible! 

Wave's fluke
Of the many fluke-shots we got we recognized Ventisca and Lavalier travelling together, Pixar and Peninsula together, Jabiru, Cajun and Draco amongst a larger group of 4-5 whales as well as Glo and Wave with their calves respectively. We saw a little bit of everything today. No matter where you looked something exciting was happening whether it be breaching babies, flipper slapping adults, bubble-net feeding, kick feeding or the good-old fashioned fan-favorite fluke up dive, this trip had it all! 

Filtering a mouthful of fish
Big breath
The highlight of today’s trip for me was when a huge bubble-net was formed off the port side. A group of 5 whales emerged from the bubble-net and swam right alongside the boat! It was a blustery day on the water and we certainly noticed whenever we were downwind of whale breath because it had quite the odor!

Fantastic whales today!

— Annie and Rich

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