Whale Watch Log: June 13, 2016

Today, our 2pm whale watch aboard the Sanctuary with Captain Adam left Long Wharf with high hopes of whale activity! Once arriving at the mid-portion of the bank, we realized we had been greatly rewarded with scattered baleen whales in every direction. First we spent time with a pair of finbacks that were traveling quickly north. We had a pop up sighting of a minke too! 

Hancock filtering
Next we moved about 1 mile south and found 2 unassociated humpbacks. It was Hancock and Shuffleboard! First we spent time with Hancock, who repeatedly blew big bubble nets and surfaced with a mouthful of fish. 

Shuffleboard's flipper

Next we saw Shuffleboard, who was also bubble net feeding. She was a bit more curious of us and briefly approached the boat once to check us out. Many passengers were able to achieve the difficult task of the Whale Selfie during today’s trip, as Shuffleboard stretched her big flipper out of the water close off our port side. 

Hancock's fluke
Hancock's fluke flip!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip on Stellwagen Bank!!

— Hannah

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