Log for October 26, 2015

We had another amazing whale watch aboard the Salacia today! Though the seas were certainly less than ideal, we weathered the wind and waves and made it down along the eastern edge of the bank and finally to the southeast corner where we found groups of whales as far as the eye could see. 

We were thrilled to spend time with two humpbacks, one of which may have been a juvenile or calf, that were breaching like crazy! Breaching is always a very special sight to see, but our luck went through the roof when we came across a group of bubble net feeding whales! 

Aerospace, Circus, Colt and Hancock all joined in on the bubble net and seemed to surface on all sides of the boat! Despite the swell and wind wave plowing in from the north, Captain Matt Cadman did an excellent job at positioning the boat so that passengers would have great views of these whales while minimizing the rocking created by the seas.

I think all our guests on board agreed that despite the bumpy ride, the excitement of the breaching and feeding frenzy was well worth the trip!

— Tasia

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