Log for October 12, 2015

Stellwagen Bank was whale city yesterday afternoon! We observed approximately 11-14 humpbacks alone. A handful of minke whales, lots of tuna and huge aggregations of birds also joined in on this feeding frenzy. 

As the feeding took place, the movement of the humpbacks was incredibly unpredictable and sporadic. A handful of times they gave us a surprise surfacing right next to the boat as Captain Dave had us floating out of gear.  We were literally surrounded by whales all within about 20 yards of the boat.

Rocker kick feeding

Some of these whales were kick-feeding while others used large, spiral bubble nets to fish. Among these humpbacks was Mostaza’s ’14  calf, Rocker, Zeppelin, Azrael, Echo, Leukos and her current calf. 

Mostaza's 2014 calf

For the grand finale, five of these whales lunged through a shared bubble net and up out of the water right off our port bow and proceeded to drag their heads slowly across the surface as they filtered out their catch! We had so much fun waiting for these animals to surface as they fed. 

You could definitely feel the excitement in the air! It was another spectacular fall whale watch.

— Tasia

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