Log for May 28, 2015

It was another windy and wavy day on Stellwagen Bank. We arrived on Stellwagen Bank where a number of other whale watch boats were watching the scattered whales. Luckily for us, most of these boats headed out of the area soon after. 

We found the same 12-15 whales scattered through the area and spent most of our time with 6 whales: Nile, Tornado, Perseid, Milkweed, and Jabiru and calf. These adults seemed to be to be possibility doing some deep feeding, especially as the calf spent a lot of time on its own at the surface. We also spotted Owl and her calf in the distance but never got a good look at either of these whales. 

The high winds and waves made it very difficult to track these whales as they dove and surfaced but our large group of adults made a few close passes to the boat and the calf entertained us with nearly 10 minutes of breaching!

Hopefully the seas will get better and the whales stick around for the rest of the weekend.

— Tegan

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