Log for May 16, 2015

We had a wonderful day on the eastern side of mid-bank with breaching, flipper slapping, open-mouth feeding, and North Atlantic white-sided dolphins!  

What a show!

We saw a total of 16-20 humpbacks, 5-10 dolphins, and tons of birds. Our first stop was on an unidentified single humpback, taking about 10 minute dives. We then continued south and found a highly productive feeding area. Geometry, Daffodil and an unknown were sharing bubble clouds and giving quite a feeding demonstration.

We were distracted by the large number of breaches occurring in front of us and scattered throughout the horizon line. We moved with the feeding trio towards Blackbird, who was also feeding solo and then came close to boat. All of a sudden Blackbird started repeatedly breaching right off our port bow! There were full spinning head breaches, head breaches, back breaches, and flipper slaps! 

Feeding with an audience

Then we had a wonderful show by 747 who started conducting high lobtails and bringing its fluke high into the air. 747 was also demonstrating perfect formations of bubble clouds right next to our pulpits and the crowd was floored by all of the acrobatic activity and feeding commotion. Geometry, Daffodil and their associate had about 10 little white-sided dolphin escorts swarming around them as they were feeding.  


The large amount of birds in the area definitely helped guests to determine which group of whales to pay attention to next. And there was a large amount of juvenile northern gannets in the area, which was quite a treat to see diving into the water around us and really added to the atmosphere. We were also able to identify Lightening and her calf, who came into the area as we were ending our trip.  It was a windy afternoon on the bank but definitely worth the trip! One passenger said it was “the best day of her life” as she said goodbye on the dock.

— Laura Cupicha and Annie Wolf

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