April 10, 2016

Today aboard the Salacia with Captain Matt we headed out towards the bank. While we initially spotted a fin whale not too far away from Boston we again continued to spot a total of three right whales during the trip. All three were feeding on the surface and travelling in a small area. 

A North Atlantic right whale skim feeds

At one point we even had a right whale close to a group that included two fin whales and a small pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins! Once it was safe to do so, we slowly made our way out of the area and headed home.

Spout ahoy!

On our next trip we started heading somewhat north, again avoiding the spot where we had our right whale sightings earlier in the day but again found three right whales scattered around the area skim feeding. Since it didn’t seem like there was anything up north besides right whales and some shy Atlantic white sided dolphins we decided to head south, although there had been nothing in that area yesterday. Our patience was rewarded when, in the distance, one of the crew spotted a spout! In addition to at least two groups of fin whales we were lucky to find a humpback! 

This smaller whale was familiar and upon closer inspection looked to be one of our unknowns from last year-one we affectionately knew as unknown #30. Our last sightings for the day were of a couple of fin whales as we headed back in to Boston.

— Annie W and Kelsey

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