March 31, 2015

It was a windy day on the water aboard the Salacia today. Early on in our trip we came across a solo fin whale which was surfacing infrequently and randomly. Lucky guests found themselves on the starboard side in perfect time to see this animal surface about 10 yards off our beam! 


There was definitely bait fish in the area as evidenced by huge flocks of birds. These species included northern gannets and, much to my excitement, razorbills (see photo)! Unfortunately after much searching we were unable to find additional whales and all passengers were provided a ticket to come back on the water with us.

Humpbacks are just arriving, but sightings will almost surely pick up quickly! Early humpback arrivals can be found at this link! Visit the link to get updates as new humpbacks arrive! Happy whaling!

— Tasia

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