2014 Season | October 17

We had another amazing whale watch this afternoon on board the Asteria!

Wizard's tail slap

Wizard's rainbow breath

Just north of the southwest corner, we found 5 different humpback whales including both Wizard, Milkweed and their calves. Wizard’s calf was super active today! She spent a lot of time rolling in the seaweed and flipper slapping.

Wizard's calf flipper slapping

At times she floated belly-up on her back giving us a nice look of her genital slits. After looking at our photos (see photo), we saw that she did have a hemispherical lobe, so she is in fact female!

It's a girl!

While we spent most of our time with Wizard and calf, Milkweed and calf followed only a couple hundred yards behind.

Wizard's calf's fluke sideways

After some time with this mom and calf, Wizard stole the show and began tail breaching! She breached about 5 times creating enormous splashes right next to the boat.

Wizard's tail breach and splash

After some time, her tail-breaching turned to tail-slapping (see photo at top). Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye, but as we left, we noticed another whale tail-slapping in the distance. It was a great way to end a beautiful day on the water!


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