2014 Sightings | September 4

This morning we headed out to an area just south of the NW Corner of Stellwagen. The seas were calm and it was a clear and gorgeous day. As we searched, all the passengers on the bow pointed in excitement in front of us as more and more blows became visible in the distance. There were lots of humpbacks and minke whales in all directions!

Open mouth feeding

Most of the humpbacks were traveling in pairs or alone. We spent most of our trip with two pairs of humpbacks. One pair included Shuffleboard and an unknown T5 and the other pair was Draco and an unknown T1. These whales were doing some awesome bubble cloud and bubble net feeding. It was fun to point out the bubble clouds/nets and then wait in anticipation for the whales to surface nearby!

Draco flukes while its neighbor filters a mouthful

We got some great looks at these humpbacks lunging up to the surface with massive mouthfuls of fish! Towards the end of our trip these two pairs joined up into a big group of 4 associated humpbacks. There was lots of other activity spread out around us as well. Minkes were popping up left and right. We think there were between 8-10 humpbacks in our general area today! As we were making our way off the bank, we saw a huge breach from a distant humpback. It was a great finale for anyone who saw it! What an awesome day it was.

— Annie G.

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