2014 Sightings | July 13

On board the Asteria's 12pm whale watch, we traveled again to the northwest corner of Stellwagen Bank. The weather had changed a lot from the last couple of days. The wind and seas picked up, so it made spotting for whales a little tougher. After some solid searching, we spotted a blow and traveled towards it. We wait for the whale to surface again, but we lost track of it due to the sea state. We kept searching and finally found another whale.


It was a humpback that turned out to be Angus. Angus was taking 4-6 minutes dives and fluking consistently. There was another blow about a half mile away but we didn’t get an ID of it.

Scylla's calf breaching

On the 5:30 whale watch we traveled to the location of where the Aurora was on their earlier trip. After a little bit of searching in the high wind, we spotted Scylla and her 2014 calf breaching in the distance.

More acrobatic behavior from Scylla's newest calf

As we moved closer the two humpbacks continued their acrobatic behavior. Scylla was tail slapping, tail lobbing, and even breached for us while the calf pectoral flipper slapped and breached over and over again.

Scylla and her calf, on the move

Then after 10 minutes of mayhem this mom and calf pair calmed down and began traveling. At one point this pair took a synchronized dive and awed passengers. Also passengers were treated to one large bubble cloud by Scylla. It was an amazing evening trip.

— Hannah P. and Kirsten K.

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