2014 Sightings | May 24 Part III

On the noon whale watch we headed out to the southwest corner to find a huge amount of feeding activity going on.

Hancock and friend

We started out with a large group of humpbacks: Hancock, Geometry, Daffodil, Vulture and calf, and Tornado and calf. The adults were doing some amazing bubble rings, with very fine curtains of bubbles and great big blasts in the middle while the calves were generally enjoying themselves at the surface with some tail breaches and rolls.

Feeding and tail breach

The group split up and we moved on to Glo-stick and her calf who were with adults, Pleats and Cajun. Glo-stick was doing her signature kick feeding maneuver: striking the surface of the water to stun the fish. This is a learned behavior that not all of the whales do and the ones that do it all seem to have their own way of doing it!

Just up from dive with a mouthful of seawater and fish

We finished off the trip with a quick look at Wizard and calf who were also with an unknown whale. The calf in this group was spending a lot of time swimming upside down under the water!

Adults and calf swimming

On the 5:30 trip we headed out to the southwest but couldn’t find whales! They’d moved about 3 miles north. At the point when we spotted whales we actually had 8 people in the wheel house looking in every possible direction! We spotted Wizard and calf, Echo and calf, Tongs and calf, Vulture and calf, Pepper, and Daffodil. Unfortunately with the lighting I couldn’t get any photos which showed how spectacular this whale watch actually was. We had several breaches from calves around the boat including a great one from Wizard’s calf. We had Atlantic white sided dolphins feeding with the whales and doing fantastic aerial jumps! We even had humpbacks doing lunge feeding which is when they launch themselves out of the water in pursuit of fish – no bubbles needed in this technique. It was a great evening on the water.


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