2014 Sightings | April 11

UPDATE: On further examination of the images from these sightings, the naturalists have some more information to share. One of the whales has been identified as Sedge! In addition, the scarring is not from an orca attack, rather it's likely from an entanglement with fishing gear. Learn more about the threats facing wild whales—like the endangered right whale. 

This morning on the Salacia we headed towards mid-bank and found three different species of whale.

We had a pair of humpbacks that were feeding in the area. These whales were taking short dives with varying times and were coming up for quick breaths. One of the whales had a sizeable chunk missing from its dorsal fin, probably from an entanglement with fishing gear. The whale with the scarring did fluke multiple times while the second whale was reluctant to fluke. On further inspection of the images, we were able to identify Sedge—seen on both Jeffrey's Ledge and Stellwagen Bank last spring and fall. The other whale has not been identified, but we got some partial fluke pictures.

We got a great look at the end of the trip of one humpbacks flippers under the water. We also had a North Atlantic right whale in the area who was spending more time at the surface and traveling slowly. Finally, we had a minke whale pop up momentarily behind our boat as well as an unidentified blow in the distance. All around it was a great trip with some great looks at two of our large whale species.


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