2013 Sightings | November 17

On Sunday's 12pm whale watch aboard the Cetacea we headed back south in search of the whales from the day before. After searching a bit in the spot we found them yesterday, we continued further south past the SE corner, and suddenly saw some splashing in the distance of a humpback lobtailing.

The whale watch went far across the bank, you can see Provincetown in the distance

When we caught up to the group, we found Nile, Freckles and calf traveling together. All three were taking moderate and shallow dives (not always fluking) and traveling slowly. Freckles was diving deeper of the three, while Nile and the calf stayed more at the surface.

Nile, Freckles and her calf

After watching the trio subsurface deep feed/travel awhile, Nile unexpectedly surprised us with a big lobtail! Other than that bit of activity she didn’t fluke as much and began logging and stretching.

Nile's fluke is evident during her lobtail

Her big ol' lobtail

Freckle’s calf also appeared to need some rest after all the activity, and began to take a 10-minute nap at the surface. We left the calf resting and watched Freckles and Nile fluke as we made our way back home to Boston.

This is the last weekend for the New England Aquarium Whale Watch. Don't miss out on this action. Find links to buy tickets through our partners at Boston Harbor Cruises we'll see you on board! 

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