2013 Sightings | October 10

This afternoon on the Asteria we headed north towards Thacher Island off Cape Ann in search of whales and had some great luck!

The rake marks on the lower left portion of Echo's fluke resemble the sound waves of an echo.

Just northeast of Thacher, we found two groups of humpback whales!  We started off observing a trio that included Pinball, Echo and Putter.  The three humpbacks were deep feeding and coming up side-by-side, all fluking nicely for us!

Valley and her calf

We got some very nice looks at this group before moving on to a pair of humpbacks in the distance (about a half mile from the other group). It ended up being Valley and her calf! They were deep feeding as well and taking 3-7 minute dives.

It was a great fall trip – you can’t complain when your biggest problem is deciding which whales to observe first!

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