2013 Sightings | September 24

This morning we headed north and found two humpback whales north of Thacher Island and south of Jeffrey's Ledge. Whales named Trowel and Patches were hanging out side by side and seemed to be logging (resting) at first, but they were also moving a bit slowly at times and taking 5-6 minute dives. We spent a lot of time with them and it was great to find humpbacks souths of the NH state line!

Trowel's fluke

This afternoon we headed back up north and found Patches a bit further away from where he was this morning with Trowel. Trowel had split from Patches in between our two trips, not uncommon for humpback behavior. First looks at Patches included him waving his pectoral fins and slapping them on the surface. Patches also rolled on his side and back multiple times for us, displaying the ventral pleats on his belly and demonstrating playful humpback behavior!

Patches rolling on his side, demonstrating playful humpback behavior

Two for Tuesday today-great whales back to back and excellent fall whale watching weather!

-- Christine

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