2013 Sightings: May 29, 12 pm

Aurora’s noon whale watch was a great trip, despite some unexpected weather and fog toward the north end of Stellwagen bank. We were able to find two or three humpbacks in the area, but spent most of our time with one deep feeding humpback named Diablo.

Diablo's fluke

Diablo is a female born in 1983 that we saw on the 10 am trip on the Aurora yesterday. She is traveling solo this season but had a calf in 2012 and 2010. Diablo is recognized by some scarring on her right side by her dorsal fin, as well as her very dark tail. She is usually shy to fluke, but our last looks with Diablo included a beautiful look at the underside of her tail – a great ending to the trip! There were about 2 or 3 deep feeding minke whales in the area as well, and some good looks at Northern gannets.

-- Christine

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